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Messenger APK is the official Facebook app allowing you to chat with friends. It has become a full-featured messaging app. If you allow the Messenger app to check your contacts, it will show all the contacts on your phone and add them to the app. This means you can chat with your Facebook friends and phone contacts. You can also create a group of friends or family you can chat with anytime, like WhatsApp. You can send documents in chat, from audio messages to images and emojis.

Don’t forget a set of stickers to use in conversations to express your feelings. The interesting thing about this app is that if you delete it, your conversation will be saved, and you can continue when you reinstall it. Facebook Messenger APK for Android offers many attractive features that engage users. Custom audio clips, images, videos, and large emojis can be sent through Messenger. A feature also allows users to send money through the service it offers.

Messenger APK Free Download Full Version

This app has huge stickers that appear as small high-quality cute images. If you download the app for fun, you can use the VoIP calling or video chat features instead of the main messaging feature. The voice call feature allows us to have a group chat. Like other instant messaging apps, Facebook Messenger apk old version lets you send text messages with photos or your location. You can also send to more than one person and talk to more than one person. Each conversation is in its bubble, and you can easily move them around on your device’s screen.

For each message, the Facebook Messenger apk download old version lets you choose between a sound and a buzz. You can also send a regular text message or call the phone if the person you want to talk to doesn’t have Facebook or isn’t logged in. You can also make VoIP voice calls directly from the app. Using this simple and user-friendly application, you can easily communicate with them without paying money.

Messenger APK Download APK Pure

Messenger isn’t just about sending messages; you can also use voice and video calls with all Messenger users. Several features are available in the Facebook Hike messenger apk for galaxy y that you should explore while trying this app. We live in a world of millions of people, and these people live in different parts of the world. Communication plays an important role in connecting all billions of people. Facebook Messenger is an application that helps connect the entire world through one platform.

Many apps are available, but Facebook Messenger is the best app to connect the world. You can chat through Messenger apk file download and video call people or groups. There are some great features available to Messenger users. The big advantage of using this app is that messenger apkĀ 2023 is free. Messenger liteĀ Apk Download only requires an internet connection.

Messenger Mod APK (Latest Version)

Whether you have Facebook open on your phone or not, Facebook Messenger is the best. If your Android device has a network and your Facebook page is not empty, a friend with news will send an automatic message, and you will know this information. Hope you enjoy Facebook Messenger APK. Subscribe to our website if you like it and want the latest updates.

Download the hike messenger apk, a new version of the world’s most-used social media platform, and chat with your loved ones through images and photos.

Main Feature:

  • Send individual or group messages. Along with text, it lets you express yourself better through stickers, gifs, emoticons, and reactions.
  • Free voice and video calls via VoIP protocol, high-quality audio and video, and interactive features like pages or filters.
  • Enter temporary mode, and the read messages are deleted when you leave the conversation.
  • Chats can be customized with different themes and colors.
  • The Watch Together option allows users to meet to watch videos, movies, or TV shows from the Messenger room.
  • Video chat rooms are unlimited in time and can be limited to 50 people.
  • If text is not available, voice messages can be recorded and sent.
  • The system makes it easy to make plans with friends by voting, suggesting meeting points, or sharing places.
  • Contact the company directly to make a reservation or provide customer service.
  • In addition to all messenger apk mod messages, the application can integrate SMS services.
  • Users can create shortcuts to chats and groups they frequently interact with.
  • Settings can be turned off at specific times like study, work, or sleep.
  • Photos and videos can be taken directly from the app and shared in chat.
  • Privacy settings allow users to choose who can contact them and where to receive messages.
  • Instagram allows you to contact users by username.
  • Includes dark mode for relaxation.

What’s New In?

  • Another way to express yourself in conversation with short audio clips with conversation sounds, music, and more is coming! Each sound is represented by an emoji, giving you some interesting insights as you browse a library of interesting sounds to share with friends and family.
  • Find your favorite Soundmoji and listen to it because we offer culturally relevant clips, so you have everything you need to make noise.


  • This is a free app.
  • Your privacy is safe.
  • Fun app.


  • There are many apps built on top of small apps.


What is the Messenger app?
Messenger is a widely used communication app by Facebook users to share their thoughts with friends. Messenger allows you to add different topics to your contacts and send emojis and stickers to your friends. You can also share your photos and even make video calls with them.

What is Messenger MOD APK?

Download Facebook Messenger is the revised version of the Messenger App. In this hacked version, the user has many unique messenger features for free, and users can also make unlimited video and audio calls to their friends.

What is a private chat messenger?
Private chat will let you chat privately with any of your friends. They are private conversations, and therefore, no one can access them; not even Facebook will see these conversations.

What do the green dots in Messenger mean?
A green dot in inMessengerr next to a profile indicates that the user is online and usingMessengerr. Those green lines have nothing to do with the application; the user is only active on Facebook.


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